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Boiler Replacement

Has your boiler reached the end of it's working life, is it now too inefficient & unreliable. Then it sounds like its time to replace your boiler with a new more economical and efficient one.

Replacing a boiler requires an initial survey visit before a quote can be prepared. The survey visit will allow us to inspect & agree with you what work needs doing and produce a quote for you.

The supply and fitting of a replacement gas boiler costs on average £1800-£4000. This is dependant upon a few things such as; the number of rooms in your home, the type of boiler you require.


Boiler Servicing

Boilers should be serviced each and every year to ensure continued and safe operation. Our gas engineer who would be carrying out your boiler service is Gas Safe Registered (this accreditation has replaced the commonly-known CORGI certificate).

Service checklist

  • Visual check The boiler service starts with a visual check that establishes that the boiler, its installation and its positioning, comply with the rules laid out and there are no corrosion or leaks
  • Pre-service check The boiler will be fired up to check its basic operation and identify any initial faults with controls
  • Examination This should only be carried out by a qualified engineer. The casing is removed and main components are examined to ensure they are clean and free from damage and that the flue terminal is unobstructed. At this point the boiler is cleaned using a vacuum and brush.
  • Flue gases check An analyser is used to check the flue gases and ensure the boiler is combusting properly. The gas rates and working pressure are also checked at this point. The results are recorded.
  • Test results If any tests show a fault then the engineer will inform you of any additional costs that the repairs may incur.
  • Boiler Service Report Your boiler casing is then carefully replaced and report is produced. 
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